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Two-Way Spanish Language Program


Two-Way Language Program
Manthala George Jr. Elementary School
180 Colonel Bell Drive
Brockton, MA 02301

Students are accepted in Kindergarten & Grade 1 ONLY


The two-way language program is based upon a model of dual immersion programs that exist nationwide in various different languages. The design of the program is also based upon current research about how children best learn languages. Achievement results of students in such programs also indicate a much higher level of academic performance. A two-way language program includes a group of English speaking and also Spanish speaking students, preferably in equal numbers.

In grades kindergarten through the first half of grade 2, students will receive literacy instruction in their first language within their own language groups. The focus on native language literacy in these early grades is based on research that finds that students who learn to read and write in their first language can easily transition to reading in the second language.

The remainder of the day will be spent in mixed groupings, where half the students will be English speakers and the other half will be Spanish speakers. The time will be equally split between the two languages.

Beginning in second grade, students’ whole day will also be in mixed groupings for all subjects, with time allotted to 50% to English and 50% in Spanish. Again, the division of time in each language could be by different weeks, days within a week, or even a daily switch. The goal is to give students sustained lengths of time in the language in order to develop language mastery.

The two-way language program is enhanced through the collaborative efforts of the teachers. The teaching team consists of two teachers, one of which is bilingual. The team will work together to plan and design the program for the grade level, within the framework of the program and using the district’s curriculum. Students in this program are language experts for each other in a classroom situation where their second language is the mode of instruction.


The role of the parents in the two-way language program is essential in helping the school achieve its goal of bilingual and bicultural students. Parents will be expected to make a commitment when registering their child for the program. The commitment asks parents to be actively involved in their child’s education and participate in the school whenever possible. Parents, even if they do not speak the language, can support their child’s learning of another language through their positive attitudes.

Goals of the Program

The goals of the two-way language program are the following:

1.) Students will be able to read, write, and speak in English and Spanish.
2.) Students learn the two languages while they learn math, science, and social studies.
3.) Students learn from each other about the two languages and the cultures of the people who speak those two languages

Student Selection Procedures

If parents are interested in the program for their child, both Spanish and English speaking parents will be asked to sign a letter of commitment stating that they commit to keep their child in the program up through fifth grade.

After committing initially to the program, a lottery will be held if the number of parents interested exceeds the amount of seats. This lottery will occur in a public forum and will be held prior to any other of the school district’s lotteries. The lottery will allot the same number for every other full day kindergarten program. The lottery will be conducted to allow an equal number of boys and girls for both Spanish and English speakers. A date for screening will be held in which teachers would use the current kindergarten screening, an oral language assessment, and an interview process to determine whether or not this language program is appropriate for the child. Acceptance to this program will be contingent upon the screening and interview process. Parents will receive a letter by mail informing them of their child’s status.

If a parent successfully wins a seat in the lottery, the child’s name will be removed from other lotteries and school choice. However, if a parent is unsuccessful in acquiring a seat in the two-way language program, the child’s name will be remain in other lotteries and school choice as requested by the parents.

Siblings of children already in the program will automatically be screened for the program. However, the sibling must be registered before the lottery takes place and the acceptance of the sibling will be based on the screening and interview process.

For further information or questions, please feel free to call Jose Pinheiro or Kellie Jones at 508-580-7508 or email at: