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Your Senior Portraits and BHS Yearbook Senior Portrait Requirements

Prestige Portraits by Lifetouch Portraits is the official school photographer for the senior class of Brockton High School. Seniors should take their senior portraits by August 12, 2016, to ensure their photo is in the senior section of the 2017 BHS Yearbook.

    • Prestige Portraits sets up their studio for your convenience in the Red IRC at Brockton High School. In June 2016, you will receive an appointment packet from Prestige Portraits. Watch for it in the mail. The day you receive the mailing, locate your personalized appointment time. Within two days, log on to to confirm the appointment. If the day or time is inconvenient for you, log on that day and change to a more convenient date and time during July or August. This appointment time is set aside just for you. The sitting fee is based on the amount of photos you want taken and an appointment time set aside just for you is included as well as other ordering information. If you are going to another studio, call them in May to make an appointment for July or August.
    • 3 professional photographers are available to take an array of poses. Parents are encouraged to accompany their children. Seniors will select the yearbook portrait they want displayed in the senior section of the yearbook by September 23.
    • Prestige Portraits will submit your senior yearbook photo for you to the yearbook advisor at no cost.

Yearbook Senior Section
The yearbook is an all-color yearbook and all senior portraits are color photos. The senior yearbook photo is a head and shoulders pose and must be taken with the midnight blue background only, although students are encouraged to take and purchase other poses and backgrounds for personal use.

    • Senior Portraits should be taken during July and August, according to the information mailed to each senior’s home address. Retakes should be taken by August 30, 2016.
    • In order to ensure a clean, uniform senior section, the following requirements have been approved by BHS administration for all senior portraits submitted for the senior portraits section of the yearbook:
      • Color Glossy Photograph taken by Prestige Portraits
      • Midnight Blue background
      • Head and shoulder poses only; no arms, no hands, no bare shoulders
      • Professionally-taken photos only; Hand-delivered photos are not accepted
      • Do not submit any proofs of pictures, scanned photos, or 35mm photos.
      • No reclining positions for the yearbook pose; upright head and shoulders only
      • Hands are not allowed for the yearbook pose; head and shoulder poses only
      • No outdoor images; no props
      • No others included in photographs
      • Appropriate dress (No spaghetti straps, sleeveless, tube tops, or ‘beater’ shirts)
      • No hats
      • Solid-color t-shirts only; no logos, graphic art or writing of any kind

Senior photos are a once-in-a-lifetime, dress-to-impress experience. When senior photos are taken, Prestige Portraits offers poses with props, friends, hats, uniforms, changes of clothing, outdoor shots, etc., for your personal enjoyment. However, they may not be submitted for the senior section of the BHS Yearbook.

If you choose another studio

Senior photos must be taken during the summer of junior year, by August 23, in order to ensure entry into the senior photos section of the yearbook. Senior photos must be taken by a professional photographer at a professional photography studio. It is the student’s responsibility to see that the appropriate photo is submitted to the BHS yearbook advisor by September 23. The senior yearbook photo is taken with a midnight blue background only. Senior photos may be e-mailed by the professional photographer, in high quality JPG format only, to the yearbook advisor,, by September 23. The following sections apply to all seniors.

Candid Photographs Submitted for Other Sections of the Yearbook

In September during morning announcements, the yearbook staff will invite seniors to bring in one baby photo of 2 years or under and may request other candid photos. Photos will be scanned and returned to the student at the time they are brought in to be scanned. Students are responsible to show their official BHS ID to the yearbook staff member for correct spelling of his or her name. Students should listen carefully to announcements during the fall for other invitations to contribute to the 2017 yearbook. Like us today on Facebook: Brockton High School Yearbook. Get more announcements on Twitter: 2017bhsyearbook

Please remember that candid photos must meet special requirements: Photos must be clear, not cut and appropriate. Do not write on the back of photographs.

We often hear students say that a wider variety of students should be included in the yearbook, and the yearbook staff agrees with that. The problem occurs when few students submit candid photos leaving the yearbook staff with only a few photos from which to choose. When announcements are made, seniors, and you have pictures that you think would be good in the yearbook, please bring them the next day and within the announced deadline. The yearbook staff has publisher deadlines to meet and has no control over extending those deadlines.

Personal ad and Business ad space is available. Contact someone on the yearbook staff for the proper forms.

Contact Information

The BHS Yearbook office is located in the hallway between the Azure and Green building, just outside the doors to the Azure cafeteria. If you need additional information, please e-mail us at or come to room B333 during your lunch or at 2 p.m.

Yearbooks may be ordered online by the beginning of September at Students are encouraged to order the yearbook and Extended Edition at the presale price by February 28 so we know how many to order. The price will be announced the beginning of September. Yearbook announcements about ordering the yearbook are stated via the PA system but always check with your homeroom teacher for handouts, especially if you have first period senior privileges. No money will be collected in homeroom. Yearbooks are distributed at BHS approximately the last week of senior year; the supplement is mailed the following fall to all graduates who purchase a yearbook. If you move after the first day of your senior year, you are responsible to contact us of your change of address or you may not receive your supplement. Students may pay by cash-in-advance for the yearbook by bringing cash in the full amount to B333 during lunch beginning September 2, 2016. You will receive a receipt. Buying the yearbook in advance guarantees you will have a yearbook. BHS does not order a yearbook for every senior because unsold books are nonrefundable to the school, so please take advantage of pre-ordering on time.

The Extended Edition
The yearbook staff is not allowed to submit yearbook pages to the publisher after February 28. Because there are several activities between March and graduation, the supplement is included in the yearbook price. The supplement contains photos from graduation day, senior prom, spring play, Harbor One Art Show, senior week, boys’ and girls’ tennis, baseball, softball, and boys’ volleyball. Seniors are strongly encouraged to purchase a yearbook so they receive a yearbook supplement mailed to them in the fall.

During the last week of senior year, seniors may still be able to purchase a book at the yearbook office until the supply runs out, but at a higher price than the presale price. There is a limited supply of yearbooks sold through the BHS yearbook office in May and they are sold on a first come, first served basis.

Parents: Yearbooks make perfect birthday and holiday gifts for your children. Please consider purchasing the Brockton High School yearbook for your child as a lifetime of memories your child will remember for many years.

Yearbook Advisor—Mrs. Paula Madore, BHS,

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Twitter: @2017bhsyearbook.