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Career Education - Work Experience

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Once all academic requirements are fulfilled, students may participate in the Senior Vocational Work Experience Program. Members of the senior class who are working at a job related to their career goals may leave school at 1:03 for work. Students enrolled in this program have met with their counselor to record their job placement and review the expectations and requirements of the program. Contact is made with perspective employers regarding potential job placement. The program is then explained in detail to the employer. Student and their parent/guardian must complete Vocational Work Experience Contract. Approval for these work stations will be given upon the recommendation of the vocational instructors and the vocational guidance counselor. Work Experience students receive a grade commensurate with performance on the job. Evaluation forms are completed quarterly by employers and are the basis for the students' grades. Academic credits towards graduation will be granted upon successful completion of the program. Employers will be visited at least once quarterly to facilitate communication between BHS and the business community.

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