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Edison Academy Course Offerings


English 1 (Mondays)
Students will focus on becoming skillful readers through the close analysis of multiple genres of literature. Students will use the language of literary elements and devices as they generate precise observations in oral and written form.

English 2 (Mondays)
Through a close study of literature, students will analyze intricate and subtle language patterns, connotative suggestions, diction, tone, figurative language, word choice and style.

English 3 (Wednesdays)
Students will focus on developing a variety of strategies in writing effective essays. Practice in a process approach to writing will continue.

English 4 (Wednesdays)
Students will read, analyze, and respond to a wide range of literature representing various cultures, genres, styles, time periods, and aesthetic theories. Students will determine the artistic and moral intentions of each text, and will focus on establishing their own critical voices and literature and about the values reflected in it.

Junior English (Mondays & Wednesdays)
The Junior Year English program offers students a semester course with particular emphasis on writing. Students will focus on developing a variety of strategies in writing effective essays. This class meets twice a week. (Day School) Fee: $250

MCAS Review Courses

MCAS Review (Mondays)
MCAS English A MCAS test-taking strategies, literacy skills, questions similar to the MCAS multiple choice, open responses and long composition formats for MCAS, preparation.

MCAS Biology (Online/Odyssey)
This course is designed to raise the Biology competency level of students who have already taken Biology 1 and Biology 2 but have not passed the Biology MCAS.

MCAS Math (Online/Odyssey)
This course will review topics including number sense, patterns, Algebra, Geometry, data analysis, statistics and probability. This course is for students who want support for MCAS preparation.


Algebra 1 (Thursdays)
This college preparatory course deals with topics including the properties of the real number system, polynomials and factoring, equations, inequalities, linear equations, quadratic equations, rational equations, radicals, graphing, exponents, basic statistics and problem solving.

Geometry 1 (Tuesdays)
This course touches on all fundamental topics of Geometry: inductive and deductive reasoning, triangles, congruence, similarity, polygons, surface area and volume, circles and right triangle trigonometry.


Biology 1 (Tuesdays)
This course will focus on cell structure and function, cellular respiration, and reproduction. Students will gain a better understanding of themselves and the basic laboratory experiments, multimedia, hands-on learning activities, and projects.

Social Science

U. S. History 1 (Tuesdays)
U. S. States History 1 examines the establishment of the nation and its struggles including the American Revolution, the development of the government, issues surrounding slavery, and events leading up to and including the Civil War and Reconstruction.

U. S. History 2 (Thursdays)
U. S. History 2 examines the history of the United States from the Reconstruction to the present, including many outstanding achievements as well as the nation’s major challenges.

Civics (Thursdays)
The primary content of this course is study of government institutions and political processes and their historical impact on American society. Content includes the functions and purpose of government, the function of state, and constitutional frameworks, federalism, separation of powers, functions of the three branches of government, and the political decision-making process.


LAW (Mondays)
This course examines the criminal and civil justice systems. The uniqueness of the American legal system is explored through a thorough analysis of the Federal Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Yoga for Stress Management (Wednesdays)
Discover how awareness and mindful living can enhance your resiliency, prevent and heal the stress-related illness, and offer a creative, meaningful approach to living your life. Learn how to use Yoga, meditation, self-inquiry and other practical mind-body-spirit tools to transform stressful patterns of thought and behavior into a deeply rewarding, sustainable lifestyle.

Culinary Arts (Mondays)
This course provides a working knowledge of classical culinary techniques through lecture, hands-on experience and classroom/theory. Students learn basic skills and instruction insanitation, hot food production, meat identification and fabrication, pantry, breakfast cookery, purchasing, and basic culinary skills. Kitchen safety and sanitation, as well as food-creating illnesses due to improper handling of food are discussed.

Career Education/Life Skills (Tuesdays)
This course provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to become well-informed consumers. Students are introduced to the world of career exploration and managing life skills, with emphasis on techniques to/for living, apply to job applications, interviewing techniques, preparation of a resume, daily living, life skills including credit, banking, and money management.

Visual Arts (Tuesdays)
Students are introduced to a variety of techniques in painting and drawing through the use of principals of visual organization and creative thinking. Drawing media covered include; pencils, ink, markers, conte, charcoal, graphite, and pastels.

21st Century Tech & Computer Essentials (Thursdays)
This computer literacy seeks to develop essential computer skills needed for success in school, personal life, and the world-of-work. Students learn how to utilize Microsoft Word, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Excel. This course also focuses on the connections and support technology provided to all of the academic subjects students are taking.