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School Mission

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Champion High School at the Keith Center is to provide a high quality, academically challenging education for out of school youth by creating a dynamic learning laboratory that uses School to Career pedagogy as its framework. The learning environment embraces the vision of the Brockton Public Schools and involves a broad range of community-based organizations.

Champion High School uses an innovative and flexible model to serve an under-served population, ages 16-21, in our community. It will provide an integrated learning experience for each student that will continually demonstrate how what is learned in the classroom relates to the workplace, their personal growth, and their role in the community and their future.

The Champion High School at the Keith Center is committed to:

  • High expectations for students.
  • Providing students with support to do their best work.
  • Helping students learn the academic, work, and life skills that will bring them satisfaction and success.
  • Providing clear connections between what students learn in the classroom and what they do in their lives.
  • Providing support to help students make healthy decisions about their lives.
  • Encouraging students to set and achieve personal goals.
  • Creating an environment that is safe, clean, attractive, and supports learning.
  • Preparing students to become assets to the community.

The Champion High School at the Keith Center Students Commit to:

  • Focusing on goals and maintaining a positive attitude with regard to class work and other Champion requirements.
  • Taking responsibility for personal behaviors and choices.
  • Working cooperatively with teachers and classmates.
  • Arriving to school and to classes on time.
  • Attending all classes except when excused.
  • Providing written excuses for absences and early dismissals from appropriate persons. (Parent or legal guardian)
  • Using appropriate language at all times.
  • Following school rules.
  • Being a responsible member of the community.

Commitment to Diversity

The diversity of our school is one of our proudest strengths and makes our community rich with traditions and ideas. For that reason, the Champion High School is committed to an environment in which all people, regardless of race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, political beliefs, physical disability, ethnicity, class, age, and religion are valued and respected. It is the collective responsibility of the community to commit itself to fostering an environment where all may reach their full potential.

Information regarding our program can be found at the following link: