Image: Collage of BPS School Sporting events 2016-2017

Brockton Kids Count

Raise your voices to let our elected officials and others know that these deep, painful cuts to teachers, staff, administration, programs and materials are irresponsible, objectionable and wrong. We must fund Brockton and all urban school districts fairly and equitably.

Save Our Schools, Brockton Kids Count signs and bumper stickers, courtesy of W.B. Mason and Standard Modern Printing, are available at Central Administration.

Spread the message that all kids count!

****Brockton Kids Count is an advocacy campaign that debuted in March 2016 as a response to a proposed state budget reconfiguration that left the Brockton Public Schools with a $10 million deficit. It kicked off at the same time questioned were raised about other inequitable ways in which urban school districts are underfunded.

Currently, the Brockton Public Schools is facing a $16 million deficit in the FY18 budget and Save Our Schools, Brockton Kids Count is working to bring students, staff, parents, our elected officials and the community as a whole together to advocate as one voice for needed funding for our schools.

Save Our Schools, Brockton Kids Count is not just about a budget. It is a permanent, timeless facet of our district strategic communication plan, meant to empower parents, families and the community -- and elevate and empower involvement in our school district.

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