Brockton High School Guidance Newsletter
October 2017
Guidance Department Head, Catherine Leger
Published by: Red Guidance Staff
Mr. Feroli, Mrs. Kitchen, Mr. Matias, Mrs. Thompson

Important BHS Dates
10/8 Term 1 Progress Reports
10/10 Columbus Day, No school
10/11 PSAT testing
10/19 6-8 p.m.
Parent-Teacher conferences

11/8, 9, 14 ELA MCAS retest
11/15-16 Math MCAS retest
11/7 Election Day , No school
11/10 Veteran’s Day, No school
11/17 Term 1 Grades
11/25-11/27 Thanksgiving Break


Students will access their schedule, attendance records, and grades through the Infinite Campus Student Portal.
To login, go to
Username: Student ID Number
Password: Full Birthday (Month/Day/Year)
Example: 02082001 for February 8, 2001


Need help with your school work?
Here are some Academic Services we offer at BHS top keep your year moving forward!
Most teachers are available after school for subject related help.
You should always talk to your teachers first to let them know that you need help.
Late Buses are available at 3:45pm Mondays to Wednesdays and every other Thursday.
The Access Center is also a great resource located in the AIRC and is open every day for students in need of peer tutoring in any subject.
A student may obtain a pass to the access center from a guidance counselor or an academic teacher.
In addition to peer tutoring, students may do homework assignments on the computer and may research college and career opportunities in the Access Center.
There is also an Academic Resource Center in the Fine Arts building, Room E122, open after school Monday to Thursday until 3:00 p.m.
Finally, there are three libraries known as the IRC’s (Instructional Resource Centers), one in each building of the school. During lunch, admission to the IRC is restricted to “own house” only. To enter the IRC a student must obtain an academic pass from his or her academic or DA teacher (not from a guidance counselor).
The IRCs are also open after school on Mondays (Green IRC), Tuesdays and Thursdays (Red IRC) and Wednesdays (Yellow IRC).

Parent Teacher Conferences are Thursday, October 19th:
Here are some useful tips for any meeting you may schedule with teachers about your child.
1. Prepare ahead. Chat with your child before the conference. Do they have any concerns about a teacher or a class? Write it down. Don’t assume you’ll remember everything you want to talk about with their teachers.
2. Start with the positive. Begin the conference by saying something positive.
3. If a teacher has concerns about your child, don’t get defensive. Instead, ask for specific examples of the problem.
4. Ask about students strengths and weaknesses. Is the child working up to their potential? Where could they improve? How can you support them?
5. Develop a plan. If one of your child’s teachers mentions a problem, ask for ideas on solving it. The plan should include things your child can do in class and you can do at home.
6. Keep on track of progress through the Student Portal

The Parent’s Corner
Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Dr. Clifford Murray. Dr. Murray has been in Brockton Public Schools for 19 years as a teacher and administrator and is very happy to join us as the new principal of Brockton High School.
Welcome, Dr. Murray!

1. Please return release of records/self-assessment questionnaire to your guidance counselors.
2. Finalize list of colleges and application deadline dates.
3. Determine which colleges require essays and complete them by deadline date.
4. Review deadlines and organize applications accordingly. Note if you are applying “early decision or “early action”.
5. Check to see if colleges or your chosen major require (s) SAT II’s and register to take them.

6. Please follow-up with teachers regarding letters of recommendations.
7. Be sure you have registered for a PIN for FAFSA (Free Application for Financial Aid)
8. Check to see if your colleges require CSS Profile and apply as instructed on application.
9. If applying online through the college website, request that guidance counselor send transcript and pay $3.00 transcript fee by deadline.
10. If applying through Common Application submit completed applications with fee, $3.00 transcript fee and essay by deadline date.

A Simple Checklist for College-Bound Seniors:
Seniors, you should now be meeting with your Guidance Counselor to begin the college application process.
Here is a simple checklist of some of the important tasks you should be working on.
Athletics are an integral part of the total educational experience at Brockton High School.
Eligible young men and women are encouraged to try out for the school's numerous athletic teams. Our student athletes and coaches of BHS have won many state titles and awards. We are proud to represent the City of Champions each and every time we step on the field. We encourage all of our alumni and fans to join us in Boxer Country as we continue to build upon our impressive athletic tradition at Brockton High School.

Interested students must be passing nine credits per term. A student must have a current physical examination on file in the nurse's office prior to trying out. ***Tryouts held the last week of November!***
Boys' Varsity Basketball Boys' JV Basketball Boys' Freshman Basketball
Girls' Varsity Basketball Girls' JV Basketball Girls' Freshman Basketball
Coed Varsity Gymnastics Coed Varsity Ice Hockey Co-Ed Varsity Swimming

Boys' Varsity Track Girls' Varsity Track Coed Varsity Wrestling