State Water Test Results


The Brockton Public Schools joined a voluntary program in October offered by the Massachusetts departments of Public Health (DPH) and Environmental Protection (DEP) to test schools for lead and copper in water. Knowing the health impacts these metals have on children, staff and faculty members, we chose to be one of the 179 out of 351 communities to have our water tested for these materials to assure the health and safety of our learning community.

Under the supervision of the MA DPH and DEP, 2,400 water samples were taken at our 23 Brockton school buildings. The first result shows five samples with elevated lead levels at the Gilmore Early Childhood Center, one sample with both elevated lead and copper levels, and one sample with elevated copper, only, out of a total of 76 samples.

All affected water sources were immediately disconnected by a school district plumber. Please note that the source of lead and copper at the Gilmore came from the fixtures and not the water supply. We will keep families apprised as results continue to come in from schools around the district by posting them in a prominent place on our website at

When all results are in we will produce a comprehensive report on the overall testing program and what steps will be taken to address its results. As always, the safety and security of our students and staff is our top priority.

Testing Results by School

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