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Grant Management Forms

Congratulations on the approval of your new grant! The Grants Management Survival Kit is an aide to help you with setting up your new grant (including private, public, entitlement/allocation or continuation grants) on the district (MUNIS) accounting system and effectively managing it throughout the grant term.

The Kit includes the following BPS Grant Forms and the Grants Management Checklist (printable copy.) Please notify the Development & Grants Office if you have questions or need assistance. Send an email to: or call 508-894-4366.

  • New Grant Fund Form/MUNIS Set-up Form
  • Please attach:

    o Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (MA DESE) Budget Form or your private or federal grant budget.

    o Grant Award Notice/Approval Letter

    o First Payment Notice from DESE

    - See Sample Payment Notice

    o MUNIS Grant Coding Sheet

  • Grant Tracking (MS Excel) Spreadsheet
  • MA DESE Request for Funds - See Grants Office Folder on Central Office Public Drive for "Active Grants" MS Excel spreadsheet and refer to the current grant status on the MA DESE Grants Payment System at: .
  • Requisition Form (See Sample Requisition Form)
  • Indirect Cost (1%) Requisition Form
  • Payroll History Change Form
  • Request for Insurance Information Sample Cover Letter
  • Request for Insurance Information Form
  • MA DESE Amendment Request Form (AM1)
  • MA DESE Final Financial Report Form (FR1)
  • MA DESE MTRS Supplement to Final Financial Report (FR1 A)
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